Butterflies of Epic Proportions

Good evening ladies and gents,

The Soon-to-be-Bradford Family has some pretty cool news to share. (Missed the Soon-to-be-Bradford Family news? Yeah, that’s because I haven’t written about it yet! He proposed. I agreed. There’s a longer story. That’s another post.) I digress…

Tomorrow we will be visiting what we hope will become our new home with the home inspector!

Now, I’m incredibly nervous about that, because I have found myself to be incredibly emotionally invested in this house. (Which by several accounts is a HUGE no-no until you’ve actually signed the million little lines that transfer ownership, but I can’t help the excitement, folks!) Actually… I’ve pretty much designed every room in the house in my head, so… that could be an issue, if the deal falls through. (Crazy lady? Maybe.) For now, I have every finger and toe crossed and am accepting any spare prayers y’all might have strewn about as you settle in for bed tonight.

I’m hoping to have some pictures and details up soon, so stay tuned!

Happy travels,

Jubilant Jennifer

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