Jubliant Jennifer Does Groundhog Day

Y’all, I think the blog might be stuck in Bill Murrary’s classic dilemma. It seems as if I keep living this “reintroduction” phase over and over.

So, let’s give it the ol’ college try again!

Here I am. 25 and 5/6 years old. (Ya know, got the big 2-6 coming up next month.) Head over heels in love with and newly married to my absolute best friend and high school sweetheart. Newly transplanted to Shreveport, Louisiana. And the best part- overall just LOVING life.

I know it sounds cheesy, but life is really so beautiful, if you just choose to see it that way. My self-deprecating side wants to say, “believe me, things aren’t perfect,” but my optimistic side says, “Why even bring that up? Obviously things aren’t perfect. No one is, but let’s focus on the really awesome things about life!” Split personalities? I mean, maybe. Roll with me here.

ANYWAY, all of that to say- I’d really like to use this blog as a place to allow myself to unleash my inner writer, share our adventures with those who are interested, and overall share the joy that is living a thankful life. Folks, there’s SO much in this world to be thankful for and things are much more fun when energy is focused there!

And in true Jubilant Jennifer Groundhog Day style… time for an update of the About Me section!

Here’s what I’m replacing:

Well, hello there!

I’m Jennifer. Jubilant Jennifer to be exact.

I’m a twenty-something living in small town southwest Alabama with my precious long-time boyfriend, Seth. (You’ll probably come to know him as Papa Bear.) We work at the same company and really love volunteering with the Lions Club in our town. My favorite part of our days is coming home from work to his sweet face and recounting the day’s trials and tribulations over dinner of some sort. We are in NO WAY perfect, and you’ll see that here a lot, but we love each other and that endures all.

I’m so happy to have you here at Jubilant Jennifer, but I do have to forewarn you that this space here has no limits. By no limits, I mean that I don’t quite know where this will go, but I am certain that there will be very few places that it won’t go.

So stick around, and we’ll find out together!

Happy travels…

Jubilant Jennifer

And here’s the first version.

Later this week- our goodbyes to our German friends and the recap of my first week of #thebethadillychallenge.

Happy travels, folks!


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