Ireland 2016 – Part 1


I wish I could say that we “just returned” from a week in Ireland, but the truth is… we’ve been back for a month now. I don’t know how, because I swear we were just there yesterday, but it’s true. And here I am, a month later, finally sitting down to the computer to edit pictures.

Often, I wonder why I find I so difficult to get upstairs and situate my rear end in front of the computer for a few hours to whip up some (hopefully) gorgeous pictures. And then this happens….


And I remember why.

Alas, I am here, and our story begins.


We flew out of New Orleans, so we could meet up with my sister, Julie, and brother-in-law, Jonathan. New Orleans –> Boston, where we had a few hours to waste.

First off, flying into Boston kinda made me want to say, “Hey, y’all leave me here,” but I decided to just plan another trip to take advantage of that beautiful scenery.

The terminal we flew into was super swanky. So clean and so fresh, fresh. And lots of cool technology.


Julie trying to find us something for dinner.

We settled on Legal Sea Foods and were very pleased. We were also all pretty hyped on our adventure, so there were a lot of food photos taken. I love calamari on any given day, so since I wasn’t very hungry at the moment, I ordered the calamari appetizer for my meal. Delicious.

Other dishes around the table included New England clam chowder, a lobster roll, and for dessert… Boston cream pie. All excellent choices.

Probably my favorite part of Boston Logan Airport would be the rocking chairs… I mean how cute is that?! Of course, we had to take a load off and check them out. You know, let our dinner settle and all.



Gotta love a SnapChat pic!

Four hours and a few basic white girl photos later, we were ready for take off!



Dublin, we’re coming’ for ya!


Peace out, America!

Unfortunately, it’s my bedtime, so I must leave this journey to be continued…

Happy travels, friends!

Jubilant Jennifer




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