August Goals & Running Update

August Goals

Ok, somehow it’s August, and I don’t know where this month came from. Not only that, but it was August YESTERDAY, too. Wasn’t it just April like two weeks ago??

August brings yet another busy month at our house. That’s not a big surprise, though. Every month tends to be a busy one with a busybody planner like me in the house. (I just love to do allllll the things!)

This month sees us focusing a lot of energy on friends and family. I’ll be making a trip to New Orleans this weekend for a long overdue best friend reunion with my Nat while Seth has a guys weekend- complete with bow fishing on the lake (Lord, please don’t let them get hurt!). Next weekend, my mom will be in town, and we are planning on making our way over to Carthage, Texas, to see country star Clint Black in concert. I also have tickets for a Gongfu Tea tasting at the local coffee shop, Rhino Coffee- that should be interesting! Also in the works this month are a grownup game night and a baby shower for my very first friend in Shreveport. Like I said… busy, busy, busy!

August also brings around lots of birthdays. Since moving to Shreveport and especially as a goal for myself this year, I’ve tried to stay on top of mailing birthday cards and packages for our friends and family. Facebook wishes are great, but I’ve always loved birthday cards with a heartfelt note included, and I hope others do to. I’ve found the greatest obstacle is getting the timing of delivery right. You folks with birthdays on Sunday really throw me off!

In one of my latest posts, How we can make the world a happier place by doing these few things., I talked about thinking of Monday as a New Years celebration you get to celebrate every week. Set goals, make a plan of action, crush them, then repeat every seven days. I’ve always felt like the beginning of each month was the same, so I’d like to share some of my August goals with you all:

1. Write 15 blog posts.

  • Including FINISHing our Ireland journey.

2. At least 30 consecutive minutes of activity every. single. day. Walking, running, playing Frisbee, kayaking, … something.

3. Finish the book I’ve been reading for a year now.

(Disclaimer: It has been quite boring, but I’m determined to finish it. Thankfully, I’m within 100 pages of the end, and the plot has gained momentum.)

4. Accomplish running 2.5 miles with no walking breaks.

5. Prep for and host a successful, enjoyable baby shower!

Running Update

running slow

I’ll admit, I’ve slacked on my running A LOT lately! As in, I haven’t run in three weeks. (Insert speak-no-evil monkey emoji here.) With two upcoming half marathons in my path, it’s time to crank it up a notch!

This month, I’ll go back to the basics and pick back up on the Couch to 5K plan where I left off. I’ve proved to myself that I can run 20 minutes straight, and I think the longest distance I’ve ran continuously is almost two miles.

This month, as mentioned above, the goal is to hit 2.5 miles continuously. I’d like to see 3, but I also know the heat is my greatest obstacle right now. When the heat index is still well over 100 at 7pm, it’s really hard to gain any ground, much less break personal bests.

Time to lace up!

While I make my way through these goals this month and until next time…

Happy travels, goal diggers!

Jubilant Jennifer

What about you?

What do you hope to accomplish this month?

Drop me a comment below, so I can help to cheer you on!

Featured photo brought to you by @letteredlessons Intagram. Check them out on Pinterest.

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