A Weekend in East Texas

Happy Travel Thursday to you, adventure lovers!

Seth and I made a trip over to East Texas to hang out with my gal pal, Katie, this past weekend, and y’all, we brunched so hard.

We drove over on Friday afternoon and I was, once again, reminded of my love for the Lone Star State- those speed limits get me every time. Two lane road through the middle of the country? No, problem- 75 mph. Also, the Texas drivers I’ve encountered are knowledgeable and considerate of others on the road. Just one of the many reasons I love Texas.

Since Peanut has a hard time getting along with other canine friends, his father had to give him “the talk” as I drove into Lufkin.

Earlier in the week, Katie sent me the link to our Saturday brunch plans, and I had been counting down the hours. Yes, I plan around food.

We walked in The Liberty Bell shortly after they opened on Saturday- partly because we’re early risers and were starving by 10AM, partly because we couldn’t contain our excitement for mimosas and waffles!




I’ve never met many exposed brick interior walls that I didn’t love, and the walls of the Bell were no exception. Local art lined each side of the restaurant and helped set the atmosphere. I saw a glimpse into my future in the eyes of the only other two opening hour patrons shown below. A couple pitchers of Bloody Marys to kick off a Saturday morning? If that’s 65, then sign me up, y’all!


You can view the menu for yourself here. Around the table we ordered quiche, chicken and waffles, and biscuits and gravy. I forget how much I enjoy quiche, and the choice of the day was mushroom and asparagus- two of my favorites!




But, let’s get down to business. Brunch isn’t brunch without the bubbly! I tasted the Southern Belle Mimosa which contained a blend of orange and pineapple juices, as well as something to tint it red… cranberry juice, maybe? I was way too excited for it to listen to the waitress’s explanation.


Katie ordered a pitcher of The Hibiscus, which is essentially a mimosa with pineapple juice subbed for orange, and it’s just as delicious as it sounds. The menu claims the pitcher serves eight; two of us were drinking. You do the math.




So, can I take a moment to brag on this friend of mine?

  1. Those curls- aren’t they gorgeous?!
  2. Katie has done a remarkable job of climbing the adult ladder recently. She took the leap of faith to move to Arkadelphia, Arkansas, to work for Georgia Pacific at the beginning of the year, and after just six months, she was already being considered for the position that would move her to Lufkin, Texas. These are big steps to small towns for a lady who has had a spray tan membership since before she could drive! I’m still waiting for the day she snaps a selfie in a hardhat.

And this cutie? Oh, ladies, I sincerely yearn for each of you to find a man as wonderful as this one right here. I’ve been blessed beyond measure, for sure. Now, it’s completely worth mentioning that it has taken many years to reach our current foothold, but each year has molded us into better people separately and as a couple. It is also worth noting that I still want to choke him most days- like when he doesn’t listen to my “don’t wash this” instructions or transfers filth from his grimy hands all around our house. I don’t though, and this is when I experience growth myself.

After lunch, we walked through a few stores in Nacogdoches including one that contained musical instruments where we were treated to a quick acoustic gig.

Between Nacogdoches and Lufkin, I found SEVERAL cute shops this weekend. And, of course, if it’s a cute shop I found something I wanted. I didn’t actually buy anything, but you can see some of my crushes below.

A pie table and a couple china hutches at A Furniture Fetish in downtown Lufkin really caught my eye. I’ve been on a china hutch kick for quite some time now, and I want so badly to bring one home to love every day!

Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus were calling my name at Cracker Barrel. I barely resisted, but know I won’t be able to throughout the entire season.

The two fully decorated pieces were at Sweet Ethel Mae in downtown Lufkin. So dreamy. I just walked around in absolute amazement. The sweet ladies there (I’m assuming the owners) were refurnishing a couple pieces right before our eyes. Excellent taste!


Sunday was planned for home projects galore, so what better way to start the day than as the BWG I am and have my first Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season?! Hate all you want, but they’re delicious.

Katie’s nicknames throughout college were Diva, Diva Nation, Janet (for her shared similarities with the one and only Janet Jackson), and a host of others all based in the idea that Katie is just plain fabulous. For all her fabulousness, Katie hasn’t quite mastered house projects like leveling out curtain rods left by the previous owner or hanging pictures. I judge not, for I also leave those projects to Seth, which is why he made the perfect house boy Sunday. 🙂

While he worked on repairing her fence in the backyard, Katie and I made a second trip to Home Depot for more boards. A diva and a semi-diva trying to load boards and potted plants in my car? A slight mess, folks.


I’m still cleaning saw dust out of my car! Ha!

After a few married people arguments on frame placement and several completed home projects, we packed up and made our way back to the SBC. We thoroughly enjoyed our first weekend trip to East Texas and know there are many more in our future!

See you on the flip side, loves!

Jubilant Jennifer


PS – We’ll be visiting the Lufkin/Nacogdoches area a lot now. Do you know the area? What are some things we should be doing?


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